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IAB Grant Office (post-award)

Updated Oct. 2013

310 Irving I Bldg.

The IAB Grant Office staff work with awardees from notice of award through final billing for services and provide post-award proposal management including monthly award activity reporting, budget revisions, notice of pending closure of award, and correspondence with contracting officers.

Rachell Peterson, fiscal manager, is currently responsible for post-award support for all IAB principal investigators and will continue to do until two grant technicians are hired (the hiring process for these two positions is currently under way).

Beginning Oct. 2, 2013, Heather Foltz will be IAB's lead post-award manager responsible for leadership and supervision of the grant technicians. She will continue to provide support to IAB's Center for Alaska Native Health Research.

For questions about the content of this page contact Heather Foltz


Heather Foltz

Heather Foltz

Fiscal Professional, CANHR;
Lead Post-Award Manager, IAB
310 Irving 1
Adam Chisom

Adam Chisom

Grants Coordinator
310 Irving 1

Principal Investigators assigned to Rachell

  • Barnes, Brian
  • Toien, Oivind

Principal Investigators assigned to Heather Foltz (CANHR)

  • Bersamin, Andrea 
  • Boyer, Bert
  • Coker, Robert (Trey)
  • Fok, Ching (Carlotta)
  • Lopez, Ellen
  • O'Brien, Diane
  • Podlutsky, Andrej
  • Rasmus, Stacy

Principal Investigators Assigned to Kiara Svensson

  • Barboza, Perry
  • Duffy, Larry
  • Euskirchen, Eugenie
  • Griffith, Brad
  • Groves, Pam
  • Harden/Turetsky
  • Huettman, Falk 
  • Hundertmark, Kris
  • Hunter, Christine
  • Jones, Jay
  • Kitaysky, Sasha
  • Kofinas, Gary
  • Leigh, Mary Beth
  • Lindberg, Mark
  • Mulder, Christa
  • O'Brien, Kristen
  • O'Hara, Todd
  • Powell, Abby
  • Schmidt, Jennifer
  • Sexson, Matthew
  • Sutton, Trent
  • Taylor, Lee
  • Wagner, Diane
  • Wolf, Diana

Principal Investigators Assigned to Adam Chisom

  • Bret-Harte, Marion (Donie)
  • Chapin, Terry
  • Chen, Jigou (Jack)
  • Dunlap, Kriya
  • Federov, Vadim
  • Ferrante, Andrea
  • Frye, Cheryl
  • Green, Thomas
  • Harms, Tamara
  • Harris, Mike
  • Harwood, CHris
  • Hueffer, Karsten
  • Kielland, Knut
  • McCracken, Kevin
  • McGuire, Dave
  • Prugh, Laura
  • Ruess, Roger
  • Schuur, Ted
  • Taylor, Barbara
  • Walker, Donald (Skip)


Please contact Rachell Peterson if you have a grant that will be expiring soon.

Use Q-Menu to check the balance on a grant. If you are not familiar with Q-Menu, please contact Rachell or Heather.

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