Abby Powell



Ph.D. 1992, Wildlife Conservation, University of Minnesota

M.S. 1986, Ecology, San Diego State University

B.S. 1980, Wildlife Biology, Cornell University


Assistant Unit Leader-Wildlife, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Research Associate Professor, Dept. Biology and Wildlife, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska

INTERESTS: Conservation Biology, Avian Ecology, Endangered Species Biology and Management

RESEARCH: My research focuses on developing strategies for both population- and ecosystem-based conservation.


SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (click on highlighted papers to download pdf files):

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Weiser, E. L. and A. N. Powell. 2010. Does garbage in the diet improve reproductive output of Glaucous Gulls? Condor 112(3):530-538.

Latty, C. J., T. E. Hollmen, M. R. Petersen, A. N. Powell, and R. D. Andrews. 2010.
Abdominally implanted transmitters with percutaneous antennas affect the dive performance of common eiders.  Condor 112(2):314-322.

Wilson, H. M., P. L. Flint, and A. N. Powell. 2007. Coupling contaminants with demography: effects of lead and selenium in Pacific common eiders. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26(7):1410-1417.

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Morse, J. A., A. N. Powell, and M. D. Tetreau. 2006. Productivity of black oystercatchers: Effects of recreational disturbance in a national park.  Condor 108: 623-633.

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Upland Sandpiper

photo by Janene Shupe Lichtenberg

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