Christine Collier searches for snowy plovers


Abby N. Powell

Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


Western snowy plovers (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus) were listed as federally threatened in 1993. Nesting habitat has been lost along the coast of Washington, Oregon and California. In southern California, the remaining suitable habitat is concentrated in San Diego County. We have color-banded snowy plovers breeding in southern California since 1994. Snowy plover reproductive success, survival, site fidelity, and movements within and among breeding sites in this region are being determined by our ongoing research.


Western snowy plovers winter along the coast of southern California. By conducting bimonthly censuses, we have found that approximately 30% of the plovers that breed in southern California remain here during winter months. Plovers from as far north as Oregon and Monterey Bay, California also overwinter here. Snowy plovers use a variety of sites for foraging and loafing, including mudflats of San Diego Bay and other coastal lagoons, and sandy beaches associated with river mouths and lagoons.


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