The hike out from site one (Dandba county) was difficult because the river had risen overnight to a ferocious torrent. We couldn't leap across as we had done hiking in so instead a makeshift bridge was prepared for the team.

The entire expedition was fraught with difficulties stemming from too much water. Rivers were flooding the roads, mudslides and rockslides blocked our travel more than once. The locals said it was more water than they had seen in a long time - we suspect it may be related to the melting of the glaciers due to global warming. There is real concern for the people who live in the himalayas where glacial lakes are being filled to bursting due to the increase rate of melting glaciers:

Climate change: The long-range forecast
David Cyranoski SUMMARY: The Himalayas, roof of the world, are springing a leak. As the climate warms up, melting glaciers are threatening the livelihoods of millions. David Cyranoski - Nature 438, 275-276 (17 Nov 2005)