Carrion trapping in paradise:
Bali & Flores


Derek S. Sikes
University of Calgary
11 May - 1 June 2005

I've always been fond of the absurd - and some might consider my travels just that. To visit a tourist mecca, like Bali, and spend all of my free time deep in (what remains of) the forest, trapping carrion beetles and working with insects, in general, is certaintly a tad out of the ordinary. Not so for an entomologist. I distracted myself from work, as you will see in the following photo gallery, with a few local entertainments such as a nice Balinese dance performance, a visit to a monkey temple, and a trip to see the Komodo Dragon off the west coast of the island of Flores.

Overall, a successful trip. At least two undescribed species were found - one being a rather exciting semi-terrestrial crab. The other was no surprise, it being one my beetles, and a species I was in the process of describing.

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all photos copyright (c) 2005 D. S. Sikes