Websites Designed

Derek S. Sikes

Curator of Insects
Assistant Professor of Entomology
University of Alaska Museum
907 Yukon Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6960

email: ffdss 'at'


Websites based on my own research are in bold.

1. Sikes, D. S., S. T. Trumbo, S. B. Peck. 2005. Silphidae node on the Tree of Life: Basic biological information including characteristics, classification, inferred phylogeny and brief discusion of character evolution in the Silphidae. Includes the Silphinae. Nicrophorinae pages are in preparation.

2. Sikes, D. S., S. T. Trumbo, S. B. Peck. 1999. Nicrophorus Central. Web site to disseminate results of my systematic revision of the subfamily Nicrophorinae and to act as a communications center for researchers who work with species of this subfamily.

3. Naskrecki. P., & D. S. Sikes. 1999. Museum of Comparative Zoology: Entomology Primary Type Specimen Database. Harvard's MCZ online database of over 28,000 primary type insect specimens. Provided powerful and flexible, but simple search capabilities and separate Administration access for the Department of Entomology.

4. Sikes, D. S. 1998. Coleoptera of Rhode Island: An on-line database. A check-list to the 2,200+ beetle species of the state of Rhode Island. Will be published in hard-copy by the Rhode Island Natural History Survey in late 2001. Includes a searchable database of family and species records. DIOGENE a Belgian French - speaking original research engine & referencer had this to say about my Rhode Island Beetle site: "Au-delà de son magnifique design, il reste un site dont le contenu tient toutes ses promesses", which when translated by computer into English reads: "Beyond its splendid design, there remains a site whose contents hold all its promises."

5. Sikes, D. S. 1999. Biological Collections of the University of Connecticut, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Includes webpages for eight major collections with some searchable databases.

6. Sikes, D. S. 1997. Tiger Beetles of Connecticut. Based on research funded by The Nature Conservancy and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Includes conservation status summaries for all 14 species of Connecticut Cicindela, image-based identification keys, and a searchable specimens-examined database.

7. Sikes, D. S. 1999 (1994). Influences of ungulate carcasses on coleopteran communities in Yellowstone National Park, USA.-my MS thesis completed 1994 at Montana State University, major advisor: M. A. Ivie.

8. Sikes, D. S. 1998. Website of the Connecticut Entomological Society. A site to promote the Connecticut Entomological Society by announcing upcoming talks and activities; also allows interested visitors to print out a membership form and view minutes from past meetings.

9. Sikes, D. S. 1998. Field Entomology: Summer course I taught as a lecturer for the University of Connecticut, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 1996-1999.

10. Simon, C., and D. S. Sikes. 1998. Periodical Cicadas: An on-line database. Includes all collection-event data of Dr. Chris Simon's periodical cicada molecular voucher collection.

11. Simon, C., P. Arensburger, & D. S. Sikes. 2000. New Zealand and Australian Cicadas: An on-line database. Includes collection-event data of Dr. Chris Simon's New Zealand cicada molecular voucher collection.

12. Chandler, D. S., and D. S. Sikes 2001. University of New Hampshire Insect and Arachnid collections. Five FileMakerPro driven databases of the species in the UNH collections, with state data.

13. Sikes, D. S. 1997. Melissa E. Sikes. My wife's resume and backyard- habitat /environmental links. (I wouldn't call it my own research, but after more than a decade I'd like to think I'm an expert....)

14. Sikes, D. S. 2004. Queensland and the Solomon Islands A gallery of photos from a trip I took with Piotr Naskrecki in August and early Sept 2004

15. Sikes girls art! A choice of smaller (recommended unless you have a really large monitor!) images or larger images of some drawings made by Nina, Amelia, and Kaley Sikes.

16. Sikes, D. S. 2005. Bali and Flores, Indonesia A gallery of photos from a trip I took in May of 2005.