Arctic Bay

PI: Greg Breed (far left) CV

BS University of Minnesota Ecology, Evolution & Behavior; Plant Biology
MS Texas A&M University Biological Oceanography
Ph.D. Dalhousie University Biology

Graduate Students


Janelle Badger (Ph.D. Student)


Roxanne Beltran (Ph.D. Student)
Roxanne's webpage

For her dissertation, Roxanne is exploring the links between pupping and molting phenology in Antarctic Weddell seals. By evaluating the strategies that animals use to escape carry-over effects between life history events, Roxanne hopes to understand their resilience to disruptions from global change. Hoping to inspire the next generation of scientists, Roxanne co-created a K-12 classroom outreach program that reached 4,000 Alaskan students and recently co-authored a children’s book.


Joe Eisaguirre (Ph.D. Student)


Kath Daly (M.S. Student)


Micheal Johns (M.S. Student)
Mike's webpage

Generally, I am interested in the spatial ecology and movement patterns of seabirds once they depart their respective colonies, and the ways in which oceanographic variability influences different breeding parameters. My research in the Breed lab addresses questions related to age-specific patterns of double brooding in a marked population of Cassin's auklets on Southeast Farallon Island in California, and how this unique behavior among Alcids influences lifetime reproductive success, survival, and population viability. When not immersed in R code, I enjoy photographing the northern lights, complaining about the cold, and dreaming of one day returning to the ocean.

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