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UAF Department of Design and Construction is in the process of updating Evacuation Plans for all buildings on campus. New signs were recently released for Irving 1 which include the Veterinary Medicine facility. These plans are posted near all exit pathways. Take a look when you next pass by to update yourself on your closest egress. Similar signs are in final phases for Arctic Health Research Building and Murie and will be released soon.

In The News

23 Sep 2016: Fish #388 - Science for the People
Kristin O'Brien
4 Aug 2016: The curious life of Alaska's birch shieldbug - Alaska Dispatch News
Brian Barnes, Todd Sformo, Derek Sikes
15 Jul 2016: How cougars would keep deer from killing people -
Laura Prugh
15 Jul 2016: Living Off the Land in a Changing Arctic Climate - NASA
Todd Brinkman, Teresa Hollingsworth
14 Jul 2016: Cougars could save lives by lowering vehicle collisions with deer - University of Washington
Laura Prugh
3 Jul 2016: Handy guide details dozens of outdoor trips in Fairbanks area - Alaska Dispatch News
Kristin O'Brien
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