IAB Business Office

IAB business office staff provide support for accounts payable and receivable, human resources, car and truck rentals, grants and contracts, property, space, safety, purchasing, telephone services, travel, and work orders.

Email: UAF-IAB-BusinessOffice@alaska.edu

The IAB human resources office provides personnel support advice and services for faculty, staff, and students including facilitating hiring faculty, staff, and students; new employee orientations; benefits information; payroll and time-sheet coordination; employee relations; tuition waivers; tax forms; and supervisor resources.
Email: UAF-IAB-HR@alaska.edu

All IAB travel (with the exception of CANHR travel) will be processed through the Shared Travel Services (STS) Office located at 172 Arctic Health Research Building. Please visit the STS page for more details.

The post-award grant coordinators work with awardees from notice of award through final billing for services and provide post-award proposal management including monthly award activity reporting, budget revisions, notice of pending closure of award, and correspondence with contracting officers.

Email for special programs and facilities:

Email for all other IAB-affiliated grants:

The purchasing technican provides selection, ordering, and delivery advice and support for equipment and supplies for faculty and staff. The purchasing technician also provides shipping and receiving support for faculty and staff.
Email: UAF-IAB-Logistics@alaska.edu

The laboratory safety officer provides technical advice and services related to environmental health, regulatory, and related safety concerns for institute faculty, staff, and students in coordination with the UAF fire marshal and UAF environmental health, safety, and risk management. The safety officer also coordinates training in field safety and hazardous materials handling, storage, and disposal. Services are provided to ensure compliance with applicable regulations while not impeding research and teaching activities.
Email: UAF-IAB-Safety@alaska.edu

Phillip Harrington

Executive Officer
308B Irving 1

Melissa McDonough

Fiscal Officer
310A Irving 1

Diosmary (Dee) Cardentey

HR Coordinator
309 Irving 1

Katherine (KC) Love

HR Coordinator
309 Irving 1

Julie Closuit

Grants Coordinator
310 Irving 1

Valia Casey

Grants Coordinator
310 Irving 1

Danielle Vivlamore

Procurement & Property Officer
313 Irving 1

Daniel Uliassi

Research Professional (lab safety, space)
312A Irving 1