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In order to ship a package via U.S. Postal Service (USPS), please print your label online at USPS Click-n-ship before bringing it to the post office. This will save you valuable time and energy. If you do not have a ProCard to charge the postage fees, please check out a custodial card so as to avoid after-the-fact reimbursement to your personal account.

In order to ship a package via FedEx, please complete the Fed Ex shipping form and bring it with the package to the Procurement Office in room 313 Irving I. A FedEx courier will pick up packages for scheduled shipments at approximately 9 a.m. Monday through Friday

FedEx Package Insurance Fees

Within the U.S.

Declared value Surcharge
$0.00 - $100.00 $0.00
$100.01 - $500.00 $2.50 minimum
$500.01 - $50,000 $0.50 per $100.00 of the declared value
(Home delivery $100.01 - $50,000) ($0.35 per $100.00 of the declared value)

International Shipments

Declared value Surcharge
$0.00 - $100.00 $0.00
$100.01 - $50,000 $0.40 per $100.00 of the declared value

FedEx Tips

  • FedEx doesn't allow styrofoam containers
  • DON'T ASSUME THAT WHAT YOU ARE SHIPPING IS NOT HAZARDOUS! Please check with Dan Uliassi before shipping. Phone: 474-5455.
  • FedEx does not take hazardous material on Fridays.
  • If you are shipping hazardous material, please allow 2 business days before date of shipment.
    • You may need to purchase special packaging material.

All IAB orders processed through the Procurement Office will be shipped to room 313 Irving I (unless specified otherwise). Items that must be refrigerated or frozen will be handled with proper care. 

If IAB Procurement did not process your order that is intended to be shipped to this location (ie. you used a ProCard), please ensure your name is located on the shipping label for notification purposes. 

Upon receipt of shipments to room 313 Irving I, you will receive an email and will be expected to make arrangements to pick it up as soon as possible. Please remember to sign the receiving sheet upon pickup.

For questions about mailing items, please contact uaf-iab-logistics@alaska.edu.

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Important Info
  • Maximum declared value is $50,000. Maximum declared value for items shipped in FedEx Envelopes or FedEx Paks is only $500.00. Therefore, if you want to declare a value greater than $500.00, you must not ship items in FedEx Envelopes or Paks.
  • Shipments containing specialty items of extraordinary value have a maximum declared value of $500.00. Examples include but are not limited to: artwork for sale, collection or display, film, negatives, slides, antiques, glassware, furniture, porcelain, china, crystal, plasma and flat panel display screens, jewelry, gems or stones, precious metals, fur and fur clothing, stocks, bonds, cash or cash equivalents such as traveler's checks, money orders, postage stamps, bearer bonds, collectors items, souvenirs and memorabilia. Collector coins and stamps may not be shipped. If you are unsure whether your shipment qualifies as a specialty item please call 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339) and ask for assistance with claims.