Researcher List: Evaluating Nutritional Condition of Arctic Ungulates

Perry S. Barboza

Perry S. Barboza

Professor of Biology
Office: 323F Murie Building, 907.474.7142

Lab: 318 Murie Building
        106 Irving 1, 907.474.7478

Research Interests:
Nutrition and physiological ecology.

Research Projects:

load Condition and movement of moose in relation to urban development
load Comparative forestomach physiology in arctic ruminants - the basis for niche partitioning
load Evaluating Nutritional Condition of Arctic Ungulates
load IPY: Monitoring Body Condition of Caribou for the CARMA Network
load Relationship Between Physiological Condition and Reproduction of Lesser Scaup
load Metabolism of Lichen in Reindeer and Caribou

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Matthew Rogers