U.S. government needs to do more to climate-proof communities, say experts

F. Stuart (Terry) Chapin III

F. Stuart (Terry) Chapin III

Professor Emeritus, Ecology
Office: 410A Irving 1, 907.474.7922

Research Interests:
resilience of ecosystems and human communities; ecosystem ecology

Research Projects:

load IPY: Impacts of High-Latitude Climate Change on Ecosystems Services and Society
load Community Adaptation to Climate Change in Interior Alaska: A workshop to Develop Adaptation Options and Sustain Ecosystem Services
load IGERT Global-Local Interactions: Resilience and Adaption of Social-Ecological Systems in a Rapidly Changing North
load Dynamics of Change in Alaska Boreal Forest (A Continuation of Bonanza Creek Long-Term Ecological Research)
load OPUS: Resilience and Adaptation: Managing for Sustainability in a Changing World

IAB Publications:

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