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Charlotte Gabrielsen

Charlotte Gabrielsen

Postdoctoral Fellow
Office: 209B Irving 1, 907.474.2414

Research Interests:

My research interests are in landscape and spatial ecology and conservation biology. Using a combination of tools and techniques derived from remote sensing, spatial statistics, and population genetics, I seek to enhance understanding of the ecological mechanisms that generate and maintain species diversity and connectivity at landscape scales.

My postdoctoral research will (1) enhance efforts to identify current and future terrestrial and aquatic connectivity among and within NWRs and other protected areas in Alaska and Northwest Canada; (2) use connectivity models and climate change projections to assess landscape vulnerability (exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity); and (3) identify and provide data necessary to inform landscape conservation design.

This project is being conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

Post-doc Sponsor:

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