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Brad Griffith

Brad Griffith

Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology; Leader, AKCFWRU
Office: 209C Irving 1, 907.474.5067

Lab: 213/215 Irving 1

Research Interests:
Habitat and nutritional ecology; stochastic population processes; endangered species management/planning; remote sensing; landscape processes.

Research Projects:

load Implications of Climate Variability for Optimal Monitoring and Adaptive Management in Wetland Systems
load Magnitude and Rates of Lake Drying in Wetlands on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska
load Nutritional and Contaminant Assessment of Snowshoe Hares and Lynx in Gates of the Arctic National Park
load Lake Clark Moose Habitat/Parturition/Condition/Calf Survival Study

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Joelle Hepler, Vijay Patil

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

load Charlotte Gabrielsen