City Wilds: Wood Frogs Sweeten Up to Survive Alaska's Winters

Brian Barnes

Brian Barnes

Professor of Zoophysiology and Institute Director
Office: 311A Irving 1, 907.474.7649

Lab: 269/269A Arctic Health Research Bldg, 907.474.6067

Research Interests:
Environmental physiology; adaptation of animals to environments; physiology of hibernation; physiological and endocrinological reproductive mechanisms of mammals.

Research Projects:

load Hibernation Genomics: Mechanisms for Metabolic Suppression and Neural Protection
load IPY: Collaboration Research: Extremes of Hibernation Physiology: Patterns of Expression, Regulation, and Limits
load IPY: Collaborative Research on Carbon, Water and Energy Balance of the Arctic Landscape at Flagship Observatories in a PanArctic Network
load Collaborative Research: Deep Supercooling to -100°C, and Lower, in Alaska Beetle Cucujus clavipes
load Toolik Field Station

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Don Larson, Sara Wilbur