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Diane O'Brien

Diane O'Brien

Office: 230 Arctic Health Research Bldg, 907.474.5762

Lab: 221 Arctic Health Research Bldg

Research Interests:
Nutritional Physiology of insects; Stable isotope ecology, Understanding patterns of stable isotope variation among biological compounds

Research Projects:

load IPY: Collaboration Research: Extremes of Hibernation Physiology: Patterns of Expression, Regulation, and Limits
load Developing a novel set of diet pattern biomarkers, based on stable isotope ratios (Negem Nallunailkutaa)
load Stable Isotope Fingerprinting: A Novel Approach for Identifying Amino Acid Biosynthetic Sources, Using Stable Isotope Variation Among Amino Acids

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Jessica Johnson

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

load Laura Oxtoby, Hee Young Yun