Wilhelm Will Wiese - Major Professor

Mark Lindberg

Mark Lindberg

Professor of Biology
Office: 411 Irving 1, 907.474.6598

Lab: 307 Irving 1

Research Interests:
Waterfowl biology; upland game birds; mark-recapture theory; sampling design.

Research Projects:

load Statistical Assistance with Data Analysis, Survey Design, and Monitoring Protocol Development for National Wildlife Refuges in the Northeast Region
load Developing a Long-Term Monitoring Protocol for Marine Predators
load Prevalence and Effects of Avian Influenza in Waterfowl
load Statistical Design and Analysis of Ecological Studies for the National Park Service
load Relationship Between Physiological Condition and Reproduction of Lesser Scaup
load Development of Internet-Based Tools for Information Dissemination by the Central Alaska Network

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Christopher Barger, Cody Deane, Adam DuBour, Graham Frye, Nathan Graff, Michael Johns, Elyssa Watford, Wilhelm Wiese