Climate policy, carbon emissions from permafrost

David McGuire

David McGuire

Principal Reserach Scientist
Office: 211A Irving 1, 907.474.6242

Research Interests:
Operation of ecological processes at large spatial scales; ecological modeling; global change biology.

Research Projects:

load Development and Application of an Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska
load Assessing the Role of Deep Soil Organic Carbon in Interior Alaska: Data, Models, and Spatial/Temporal Dynamics
load Assessing Impact of Fire & Insects Disturbance on the Terrestrial Carbon Budgets of Forested Areas in Canada, Alaska and Western U.S.
load Collaborative Research: Soil Carbon and its Control on Wetland Carbon Balance in Interior Boreal Alaska: Experimental Manipulation of Thermal Moisture Regimes
load Collaborative Research: Synthesis of Arctic System Carbon Cycle Research through Model-Data Fusion Studies

IAB Publications:

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