Researcher List: Steller Sea Lion Stable Isotopes

Todd O'Hara

Todd O'Hara

Professor of Wildlife Toxicology
Office: 144 Arctic Health Research Bldg, 907.474.1838

Lab: 153/155/251 Arctic Health Research Bldg

Research Interests:
Public health and fish/wildlife toxicology using free ranging and captive animal models of mammals (Steller sea lions, ice seals, harbor seals, canids) and fish; including with colleagues at the University of Alaska Anchorage. We focus on a "One Health" perspective that includes research on human subjects, human marine resources, and the use of marine mammals as sentinels for ocean health and better understanding contaminants dynamics.

Research Projects:

load Steller Sea Lion Stable Isotopes
load Ice Seal Stable Isotopes
load Harbor Seal Decline in the Glacier Bay Area: Assessing Factors Affecting Survival of an Imperiled Species

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

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