Matthew (Matt) Sexson - Major Professor

Abby Powell

Abby Powell

Professor of Wildlife Ecology; Assistant Leader, AKCFWRU
Office: 210A Irving 1, 907.474.5505

Lab: 305 Irving 1, 907.474.7144

Research Interests:
Avian Ecology, Endangered Species, Conservation Biology

Research Projects:

load Wading Shorebird Habitats in the Eastern Beaufort Sea: Food Resources and Sediment Characteristics of Deltaic Mudflats
load Ecology of Smith's Longspurs
load Breeding Biology and Migration of King Eiders on Alaska's North Slope
load Diet of Glaucous Gulls on Alaska's North Slope
load Ecology of Smith's Longspurs in northern Alaska
load Avian Ecology in Northern Alaska within a Changing Environment
load The Effects of Wetland Management and Landscape Characteristics on Black Tern and Associated Species Breeding Colonies
load Spatiotemporal variation in the non-breeding distribution of Spectacled Eiders

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Kelly Overduijn, Matthew Sexson