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Barbara Elan Taylor

Barbara Elan Taylor

Associate Professor of Biology in Neuroscience
Office: 113D Murie Building, 907.474.2487

Lab: 110 Murie Building, 907.474.2659

Research Interests:
My research interests center around mechanisms by which exogenous metabolites (nutriceuticals and toxins) influence neural function. I am the Principal Investigator for two research programs derived from this interest. One investigates the influence of nicotine and alcohol on development, dysfunction and plasticity in control of breathing by neural networks of the vertebrate brainstem. Another research program investigates the beneficial influence of phytochemicals and detrimental effects of alcohol on mechanosensory and locomotory neurons and networks as modeled by transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans. Each research programs addresses Alaska-relevant health issues and serves as training arenas for postdoctoral fellows and graduate as well as undergraduate students.

Research Projects:

load Development of a Respiratory Neural Circuit: Ontogeny of Respiratory Drive

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Skyler Hunter, Alex Tackett

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

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