Daniel P. Govoni - Major Professor

Mark Wipfli

Mark Wipfli

Professor of Freshwater Ecology; Assistant Leader, AKCFWRU
Office: 138 Arctic Health Research Bldg, 907.474.6654

Lab: 207 Irving 1, 907.474.6740
        304 Irving 1,

Research Interests:
Freshwater Foodwebs, Marine-Derived Nutrients in Riverine Ecosystems, Trophic Relationships, Riparian-Stream Interactions

Research Projects:

load Ecology and Demographics of Chinook Salmon
load Food Web Dynamics in Arctic Streams
load Expenditures for Completing the Wenatchee Subbasin Headwater Stream Monitoring Program: 2007-2008
load Developing Ecological Escapement Goals for Pacific Salmon: Role of Marine-Derived Nutrients in the Health and Sustainability of Resident and Anadromous Fishes of the Yukon Drainage

IAB Publications:

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Graduate Students:

load Jesse Grunblatt, Philip Joy, Jason Leppi, Benjamin Meyer