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Name:Guo Yumin
 Professor. School of Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University.
Title:Research on crane migration in Asia based on GPS-GSM tracking
Date:Friday, 27 April 2018
Location:Murie Life Science Bldg, Murie Auditorium.


Since 2014, we began research on crane migration based on GPS-GSM tracking. Seven of the 9 Asian crane species were tracked by us intensely. By now, a total of 130 individuals were followed over the years, and more than 750 000 GPS locations were received for analysis. The data reveal new and different routes of crane migrations in Asia. For instance, Demoiselle Cranes were documented to migrate along a loop route across the Tibetan Plateau, and the Hooded Crane migrates along an “X”-shaped route around the Yellow Sea. We found that the Siberian Crane migrates between two points, that the route is shaped like a ‘dumbbell’. Instead, the Black-necked Crane and Common Crane migration routes are similar to each other and have parallel lines etc. Our results show that the migratory impulses of cranes are inherent in the species, but that the actual choice of migratory route is learned.

About the Speaker:

Guo Yumin is a professor at the School of Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University and teaches animal ecology. His research focuses on ecology of Hooded Crane, Great Bustard, and on cranes migration.

Yumin has supervised/managed several research projects which supported by China Forest Service, Northeast Asia Crane Network, National Nature Fund, Whitley Fund for Nature, etc.

As a Nature Reserve Planner Yumin has helped local government make nine Nature Reserves since 2005.

With the help of local government, Yumin has helped to set up six bird banding stations in Heilongjiang province since 1998.

May 2007, received Whitley Award from Whitley Fund for Nature.

In  coopertion with some Nature Reserves, Yumin spends six months annually during crane migration and breeding season in China, Mongolia, Russia, Japan and Korea.

With the help of professor Falk Huettmann, Yumin has lead students to analyse tracking and habitat data. We have co-published more than 20 research papers since 2014.


Postdoctoral research at Capital Normal University, School of Life Sciences. 2005-2008

Doctoral student at Northeast Forestry University. College of Wildlife Resources. 2002-2005

Conducted 3 year research on breeding population of Hooded Crane of Lesser Xingan Mountains.

Master student at Northeast Forestry University. College of Wildlife Resources. 2000-2002

Master's thesis: "Research Methods on Migrating Birds of Heilongjiang Province (including management ofbird banding operations)"

College student at Harbin Normal University. Department of Biology 1984-1988


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