Life Science Hour Seminar Series

Name:Ben Smarr
Title:The time of our lives: fun tales of computational chronobiology
Date:Friday, 2 February 2018
Location:Murie Life Science Bldg, Murie Auditorium.

About the Speaker:

Benjamin Smarr studies biological dynamics at the University of California, Berkeley. His research leverages computational techniques and miniaturized sensors to find patterns in continuous biological data flows. He then uses these patterns to guide investigations into the origins of biological rhythms, and their coordination across different organ systems within individuals. Additionally, he uses these patterns to develop predictive algorithms for medical applications, from cancer treatment efficacy, to sleep quality, to fertility and women’s health applications. Finally, Smarr collaborates with public and private groups to improve sensor technology available for research, and to speed translation of biorhythm-inspired device and algorithm development into medical, educational, and wildlife management efforts.

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