Life Science Hour Seminar Series

Name:Todd Brinkman
Title:Integrating the human dimensions to address Alaska's "wildlife problems"
Date:Friday, 5 October 2018
Location:Murie Life Science Bldg, Murie Auditorium.


Since the development of the wildlife profession in the early 1900s, the vast majority of scientific inquiries have focused on wildlife populations and their habitats (i.e., biological dimensions), with relatively little attention allocated to studies on how people affect or are affected by wildlife (i.e., the human dimensions). However, recent changes in the extent and diversity of human-environment interactions has warranted wildlife research and management with more rigorous coupling of the human and biological dimensions. My lab focuses on integrative research. We use a social-ecological systems approach to address some of Alaska’s most complex and contentious wildlife issues. During my talk, I provide examples on how integration of the human dimensions into wildlife research has advanced knowledge on the causes and solutions to these “wildlife problems”.

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