Life Science Hour Seminar Series

Name:Greg Breed
Title:The importance of inter- and intra-specific interactions in animal movement models
Date:Friday, 12 October 2018
Location:Murie Life Science Bldg, Murie Auditorium.


Resource selection functions, step-selection functions, correlated random walk models, metapopulation models and other models and analyses of animal movement dynamics have largely been developed to understand how heterogeneous distributed resources affect movement, space use, and distribution. Only recently have models and analyses begun to incorporate the effects of interactions between con- and heterospecifics. Using two examples from very different systems, a marine predator-prey system and sexual conflict in butterfly metapopulations, I explore how appropriately modeling interactions between individuals of the same and different species can be key in drawing appropriate inference about the mechanisms driving individual movement and the distribution of individuals and populations in space.

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