IAB Life Science Hour Seminar Series

Name:Larry Bartlett
Title:Salvaging game meat in the wild; mitigation of microbial growth
Date:Friday, 28 August 2020
Host:Robert Coker

Alaska state law requires big game hunters to salvage all edible meat from that animal’s carcass and preserve that meat for human consumption until it is removed from the field. In remote Alaska, the challenge to salvage effectively is intensified by variable environmental conditions and extended field storage times. Freshly harvested meat can remain stable for up to 14 days under carefully controlled storage conditions, but wild meat can spoil quickly due to such as excessive heat and moisture. Original data will be shared that have defined effective preservation skills beyond the basics of keeping game meat clean, cool and dry. This includes precise data on time/temperature as it relates to combating microbial growth as preservation of wild meat are directly dependent upon managing storage conditions and deep core temperatures. These original data study have established realistic expectations for optimal salvage of wild meat in the field.

About the Speaker:

Larry Bartlett is a professional hunter and outdoor expert who has written three how-to books and produced multiple instructional videos. He has developed several condition-specific outdoor adventure products and provides services utilized by researchers and sportsmen alike. He is particularly passionate about the importance of public land and the multiplicative benefits of an active lifestyle. Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, he has spent 22 years cultivating his wilderness adventure company, Pristine Ventures.

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