Patricia Doak

Institute of Arctic Biology

Department of Biology and Wildlife
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks , AK 99775

Office Phone (907) 474-6449



Research Interests

My research is motivated by three main areas of interest: 1) population and evolutionary ecology of plant-insect interactions, 2) the impact of patchy or fragmented habitat structure on population level processes, and 3) how detailed examination of individual behavior can be used to scale up to explanations of population level processes. My own research centers on insect population ecology, however my interests extend beyond the world of insects.



Biology 471 Population Ecology

Biology 481/681 Principles of Evolution



  • A.B. 1986. Dartmouth College, Hanover , NH. Biology.          
  • Ph.D. 1997. Cornell University , Ithaca, NY . Field of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.



Young, B., Wagner, D., Doak, P. & Clausen, T. Induction of phenolics glycosides by quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) in relation to extrafloral nectaries and epidermal leaf mining. J Chemical Ecology in press.

Young, B., Wagner, D., Doak, P. & Clausen, T. Within-plant distribution of phenolics glycosides and extrafloral nectaries in trembling aspen, Populus tremuloides. Am J Botany in press.

Wagner, D., L. DeFoliart, P. Doak & J. Schneiderheinze. 2008. Impact of epidermal leaf mining by the aspen leaf miner (Phyllocnistis populiella) on the growth, physiology, and leaf longevity of quaking aspen. Oecologia 157:259-267. [pdf]

Doak, P., D. Wagner, & A. Watson. 2007. Variable extrafloral nectary expression and its consequences in quaking aspen. Can J Botany 85:1-9. [pdf]

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Doak, P. 2000. Habitat patchiness and the distribution, abundance and population dynamics of an insect herbivore. Ecology 81(8):1842-1857. [pdf]

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Doak, P. 2000. The effects of plant dispersion and host density on parasitism rates in a naturally patchy habitat. Oecologia 122:556-567. [pdf]



Current research projects

  • Within-stand spread of spruce bark beetle, Dendroctonus rufipennis, infestations.


  • The role of extrafloral nectaries in influencing interactions among aspen, its herbivores and their natural enemies.