IAB Research Project Description

Implications of Climate Variability for Optimal Monitoring and Adaptive Management in Wetland Systems

Credit: Jonathan Runstadler/IAB assistant professor

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The goal of this research is to enhance the potential for adequate and rigorous monitoring and adaptive management of the habitats and populations of United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) trust species of migratory waterbirds that are likely to be affected by the recent rapid increase of global temperature.

Project scientists will approach this goal through a) collaboration with multiple refuges in two regions to establish relevant contexts, b) modeling that identifies the spatial and temporal frequency of sampling necessary to attain reasonable statistical power for detecting relevant changes in habitats/populations, c) explicitly addressing the implications of attaining reasonable statistical power on the long-term planning and budgeting components of management, and d) delivering the results of this work to the National Wildlife Refuge System in a manner that will enhance the strategic ability of the system to successfully adapt to climate change in the 21st century.

Project Funding

U.S. Geological Survey
1 Dec 2007 – 31 Jan 2011
IAB Proposal #08-054
UAF Grant #G4621
IAB Project #121

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