IAB Research Project Description

Developing a Long-Term Monitoring Protocol for Marine Predators

The National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program is charged with developing and implementing long-term ecological monitoring plans for parks with significant natural resources.

These parks have been grouped into 32 monitoring networks, defined by shared geography and natural resource characteristics. Parks within each network work together and share funding and professional staffs to plan, design and implement an integrated long-term monitoring program. Monitoring within each network is directed toward selected “vital signs,” defined by NPS as a subset of physical, chemical and biological elements and processes of park ecosystems that are selected to represent the overall health or condition of park resources, know or hypothesized effects of stressor, or elements that have important human values.

The primary objective of this project will be to determine long-term trends in the numbers and spatial distribution of marine birds and mammals within Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve using boat-based transect sampling twice each summer, stratified by along-shore and pelagic line transects that cover approximately 10 percent of the marine habitat.

Project Funding

National Park Service
1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009
IAB Proposal #08-017
UAF Grant #G5226
IAB Project #168

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