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Bogoslof Patch Dynamics Study

Aerial view, looking south, of Bogoslof Island, which is the summit of a largely submarine stratovolcano located in the Bering Sea 50 km (31 mi) behind the main Aleutian volcanic arc. The island is about 1.5x 0.6 km (1 x 0.4 mi) and, due to energetic wave action and frequent eruptive activity, it has changed shape dramatically since first mapped in the late 1700s. Its most recent eruption, in 1992, produced the conical, rubbly lava dome (150 m [492 ft] high) and offshore spire at bottom center. Photograph by T. Keith, U.S. Geological Survey, May 10, 1994. Image courtesy of AVO / U.S. Geological Survey. Credit: Keith/Alaska Volcano Observatory/U.S.

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The large breeding concentration of sea birds and marine mammals at Bogoslof Island and the Pribilof Islands are undergoing divergent population trajectories. Those on Bogoslof Island have been healthier than those at the Pribilof Islands. Kitaysky’s study is focused on determining why populations of seabirds and fur seals are declining on the Pribilofs and increasing at Bogoslof. He will test the hypothesis that climate-induced changes in the physical environment control forage patch dynamics and alter food availability, which in turn determines opposite trends in productivity and population dynamics of piscivorous top-predators between the oceanic and the continental shelf domains in the south-eastern Bering Sea.

Project Funding

North Pacific Research Board
1 Oct 2009 – 30 Sep 2010
IAB Proposal #08-063
UAF Grant #G6111
IAB Project #169

North Pacific Research Board
1 Jan 2008 – 31 Dec 2008
IAB Proposal #08-083
UAF Grant #G4793
IAB Project #169

North Pacific Research Board
1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009
IAB Proposal #08-083
UAF Grant #G5206
IAB Project #169

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