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Hibernation Genomics: Mechanisms for Metabolic Suppression and Neural Protection

Brian Barnes, director of the Institute of Arctic Biology, organizes cages holding arctic ground squirrels to his daughter at IAB's Toolik Field Station. Credit: Franziska Kohl/IAB/UAF

Institute of Arctic Biology research professional Franziska Kohl watches an arctic ground squirrel near the IAB Toolik Field Station, North Slope, Alaska. Credit: Oivind Toien/IAB/UAF

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Development of mammalian hibernation as a new paradigm for investigating the molecular basis of metabolic inhibition and neuroprotection can lead to new drugs and treatment strategies for stroke, heart attack and major trauma in the public. The proposed work will develop natural animal model systems of hibernators as genetic and physiological resources for use in determining the molecular basis of hibernation. Our intent is to identify the biochemical pathways that are altered to regulate preparation for, entry into, and recovery from hibernation and to provide candidate pharmaceutical products that can induce and reverse similar states in humans.

Project Funding

Department of Defense
30 Sep 2009 – 29 Oct 2011
IAB Proposal #2009-090
UAF Grant #G6023
IAB Project #83

Department of Defense
30 Sep 2007 – 31 Aug 2008
IAB Proposal #07-90
UAF Grant #G2753
IAB Project #83

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